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 RV Tip of the Month

Always know everything about the operation of the motor home you are renting.

I found it helpful to record a video of the demo given at the time of renting.  It is helpful to review it at least one time before leaving.

If you have time before your scheduled trip, ask for a complete tour and operational review a few days before pick up.  This will save you time on pick up day.

Safe Travels!

See America in an RV

 RV Pre-Travel Check List

Every morning that is a travel day, be sure to check the following items before you leave:

  1. Oil level of the RV
  2. RV Tire Pressure
  3. All sewer drains closed
  4. All storage bins secure
  5. RV TV Antenna's down
  6. Clean RV Windshield
  7. RV Mirrors set correctly
  8. All RV Vents closed
 10. All items inside secure
 11. RV Camp clean

If you are towing a car, be sure to create a check list for it as well.  Don't rely on your memory when you can have an easy list like this.  

Safe RVing!

See America in an RV

 RV Tip of last Month

When traveling in an RV, one of the "not-so-nice" things you have to deal with is the waste water system consisting of "black" and "grey" tanks.

"Black" water is from the toilets while "Grey" is from sinks and showers.

Both need "Toilet" chemical treatment every time after you "dump" the tanks.

Be sure to dump the "black" water tank first, close the drain and dump the "grey" tank.  This allows the grey to flush out any lingering black water. I always shake and drain the hose between dumps.  Be sure to have a check list to confirm you closed both drains when finished.

Nice, if you are pulling out to travel for the day, add 2 bags of ice to the toilet drain, then your chemicals. As you are moving, the ice sloshes in the mostly empty tank, helping to clean the inside walls from black water buildup.

This is not a substitute for the occasional flushing of the black water tank but it sure helps.

Safe Motor Home Travels!

See America in an RV



Houston Motor Home Rentals

Welcome to Houston Motor Home Rentals

Houston's American Dream Vacations specializes in Class A Diesel, Class C, Travel trailers, Popup Campers and 5th Wheel rentals.  We rent by the day, week, month, whatever you need.

What's the difference?  I will define them for you. Remember an RV stands for Recreational Vehicle.

Class A Motor Home or Motor Coach - These are the large "Bus" type of RV motor homes. They come with either a diesel or gasoline engine.  Diesel is better because of the increased power in the lower gearing and the decreased danger of a highly combustible fuel.  Diesel units generally have the engine in the rear and are call "Diesel Pushers".  Most common engine manufacturers are Cummins and Catapilliar.

A standard Class A should be able to sleep 5-6 people.  Most now come with "slide outs" which, when stopped and set up can increase your interior space dramatically.

 A bunkhouse Class A RV can sleep 8-10.  Some have 1.5 - 2 bathrooms, depending on the length.  Most also come with a generator for "Dry Camping" without being hooked up.  This means you will not be runing off batteries and be able to run AC units, TV's and more while the generator is running. Just remember, most generators will kick off when your fuel level gets below 1/4 of a tank.  This assures you will be able to make it to a fueling station before you run out.

The larger Motor Homes units have a "tag" axle or extra wheel on each side on the back. These are adjustable to make the ride better for the longer units BUT they eat up storage space and take up more space in a pull thru space.  Be sure to ask the RV park you make reservations in if they can accomodate a 45' RV.

The Class A Motor Coach RV can be a challenge to some to drive. Although they have automatic transmissions, they drive like a truck when it comes to navigation and turning.  A common misconception is that you have to have a special license like a CDL in order to drive them. This is not true although many are pushing for additional training and certification of Diesel Motor Home drivers.

To assist in the ease of operation/driving, many have great mirror systems and backup cameras. Nonetheless, it is still a bit intimidating.  Ask for lessons if you are going to take out a Class A RV. When you can drive with no problems, then do the home work on all the different systems of operation from the jacks to the waste disposal systems.  It is great to watch video's on You tube first so you get a feel for everything.

Class B - These are smaller "Vans" that have a small bathroom and bed integrated into what looks like an extended van. They are the easiest to drive but are very small and good for sleeping 2 at the most.

Class C - Class C RV's are on an extended van chassis but can reach lengths of 30+ feet.  They generally sleep 6 and most have a bed that extends over the driving "cab" portion of the unit.  They drive like a giant van and can go most everywhere.  They generally have one small bathroom/shower.

5th Wheel - 5th wheels are trailers with a "gooseneck" attachment device to the bed of a heavy duty pickup truck or Diesel Truck Cab.

5th Weels offer the most room in an RV and can be really spacious. They generally sleep 4-6 and have a single bathroom.  Most do not have a generator on board but one can be carried in the truck bed and secured to same.

Travel Trailers - These units are great for a typical family with a truck who want to experience RVing.  In recent years, trailers are become "tricked out" with bathrooms, kitchens and bunk beds to sleep 6-8.  Great option for the beginner RV enthusiast.

Pop-Up Campers - Back in the 70's, these appeared on the scene and combined a trailer and tent like hybrid to offer a way for 6 people to camp in relative comfort. No AC, bathrooms or TV's, they were a step above the tent.

Todays pop-ups are different and offer many options. Check them out. They are easy to tow, easy to set up and are great for small families who want to "camp".

RVing is become a more popular way to see America and we make it possible for non-rv owners to experience the thrill of the open road without the horrors of filthy motel rooms.  Stay closer to your destination and experience making unforgetable memories with your loved ones.

We have the right Recreational Vehicle for your needs. Our facility on I-45 feeder road, just south of Rankin Road, provides you a way to see and tour the RV you need for your family excursion.

Our Houston location is owned and operated by 2K Enterprises, Inc. dba American Dream Vacations.

Payment Options:  ALL refundable security deposits must be made by credit card. We accept AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTERCARD, VISA, and DISCOVER, we also gladly accept Cash, but we regretfully DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.

American Dream Vacations

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